Euclid Symphony Orchestra was organized on January 8, 1961, with sixty musicians from Euclid, East Cleveland, Willoughby, South Euclid and Cleveland.  Support was given by the Euclid Inter-Service Club Council and member service clubs, after three years of effort by Melvin Robb.

Harry Hershey was appointed first director, succeeded in 1964 by Arthur Sydow, in 1977 by Robert Hudson, in 1979 by Ralph A. Katz, 1991 by Nathan Snader, 1996 by Jason Seber, 2003 by Ryan Haskins, 2005 by Hristro Popov, 2006 by Sean Smith, 2007 by Eric Gratz, 2010 by Kevin Eppich, 2011 by Joseph Stepec and 2012 by J.D. Goddard.  James Teeter was the original concert master, followed in 1973 by Frank Haynes, in 1977 by Leo Benezra in 1982 by Louis Kardos, 1998 by Joseph Ventre, 2001 by Rob Dunger, in 2003 by various musicians, 2004 by Jennifer Schmidt, 2006 by Emily Knowles and Amanda Ramey, 2007 by Bonnie Savage, 2008 by Daniel Parsons and 2013 by Larisa Lyodmirskaya .  The orchestra presents four yearly concerts at the Shore Cultural Centre.

Sponsorship of the orchestra was assumed in 1965 by the Euclid Recreation Commission. The group functioned under an advisory board of twelve appointed and six officio members. Currently the orchestra is sponsored by the Shore Cultural Centre Corporation.

Euclid Civic Orchestra